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tori_awards's Journal

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A New LIMS Type Icontest

Layout Header, Profile Graphic, and Community Icon were all created by gypsyremains via our ROUND 01 - BONUS LAYOUT CHALLENGE.
Inspired by the original community disney_rumble, tori_awards is an all new type of community in which participants accumulate points in a 20 challenge round. No eliminations, no voting against icons, simply a refreshing take on icontests where everyone has a chance to win...and did I mention the prizes?

How each Round and Challenge works

01. At the beginning of the Round you will sign-up, we must have at least 10 participants before we begin.
~ Anyone may sign-up at any time during the round.
~ You do not have to participate in each challenge, no skips required.

02. Each round will contain 10-20 challenges, each challenge you will receive points for entering, voting and placing. The winner of the entire round will be determined by the must accumulate points.

  • 5 points for signing up before the round begins.
  • 2 points for promoting in a related community or your personal community.
  • 1 point for entering.
  • 1 point for voting.
  • 1 point for leaving comments while voting.
  • 5 points for 1st place.
  • 4 points for 2nd place.
  • 3 points for 3rd place.
  • 3 points for 1st place Special Category.
  • 3 points for Mod's Choice. There will not be a mod's choice every challenge.
  • X points for any bonuses that come up during the Round.

~ A tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will result in both participants getting the allotted amount of points.
~ The total possible points one person can receive for a 20 challenge round is 227 points.

  • Most Challenges Entered - 10 points
  • Most Challenges Voted On - 10 points
  • Most 1st Place Wins - 5 points
  • Most 2nd Place Wins - 5 points
  • Most 3rd Place wins - 5 points
  • Most Special Category Wins - 5 points
  • Most Mod's Choice Wins - 5 points
  • Most Points earned from Bonuses - 5 points

03. Each challenge will contain a general category and a special category, the special category is optional, if you choose to include the special category into your icon the 1st place winner only will receive 3 points.
~ The General Category can consist of anything from an image challenge, lyric challenge, theme challenge or anything else I can come up with.
~ The Special Category will be something including the aesthetics of your icon, for instance, a color, texture, crop among other things.

04. The voting will be done by commenting with a provided textbox, you will receive one point per challenge voted in. Leaving comments are not necessary but certainly welcomed and will result in one extra point.

05. Standard Icon Making Rules:
~ Brushes, Textures and Text are allowed but not required.
~ Animation is not permitted.
~ All icons must fit livejournal requirements (100x100 or less, less than 40k)

06. Challenge Icon Rules:
~ No previously made icons may be submitted.
~ Icons may not be posted anywhere until after voting.
~ Do not let anybody know which icon is yours.
~ Be fair and do not vote for yourself, voting for yourself will result in a 20 point deduction.

~ With this type of community I wanted to give you something to really work for, because this is a Tori community the prizes are as follows;

  • 1st Place:
    ~03 Legs and Boots
    ~02 DVDs of a Tori Performance

  • 2nd Place:
    ~02 Legs and Boots
    ~01 DVD of a Tori Performance

  • 3rd Place:
    ~02 Legs and Boots

~ Your prizes will be mailed to you.
~ For a detailed list of the complete L&B and DVD list you have to choose from click here.


If you would like to affiliate with tori_awards, please leave a comment here.

tori_awards is a part of a graphics sisterhood known as "The Strange Little Girls" here at livejournal. They are defined as the unique and ground breaking graphic challenges that defy the constraints of normal graphics challenges. Their artists graphic abilities have given them the strength to go into places where normal challenges have never gone before.


disneyvil_lims, disney_rumble, ladybugcreation, lost_rumble, placebo_lims, themed_lims

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